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When I first saw the trailer for Steep I was a little worried it would be another one of those “snow” games that was just thrown together without any thought or emotion. Thankfully the crew at Ubisoft proved me wrong. Steep is as fun as it gets for an action-sports gaming title and the best part is the open-world atmosphere in which the game is set around. Without being overly cliché, Steep really did bring action-sports gaming to the next level.

Steep wanted to test something new in snow and it totally worked. Instead of focusing on one discipline they offered up four different activities to conquer the Alps. Click into skis, strap into a snowboard, throw on a wingsuit, or buckle into a paraglider. Steep has it all. Once you’ve mastered a specific discipline, or in my case, get bored of skiing or paragliding, you can switch to the next activity. Steep is constantly changing, which keeps you hooked for hours. (Maybe a little too long according to the wife). And don’t forget to hop online as you battle peeps from around the world on your favorite sections of the mountain.

All-in-all Steep is a packed with countless hours of fun and Ubisoft keeps throwing new updates at the game like the recently added Alaska landscape. Have this game in your inventory. You’ll want it there.

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Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC


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