See Happy.
Whether you’re the first one up the lift or the last one down the mountain, our lineup of premium goggles are designed to help you SEE HAPPY. Each of our frames feature our Happy Lens technology, offering superior color and contrast enhancement, an uplift in mood, and increased alertness.

See Better. Feel Better.
Superior color and contrast enhancement comes standard in our lineup of Happy Lens snow goggles, accentuating changes in terrain so you can See Better. Additionally, Happy Lens lets in the sun’s good rays that increase alertness and improve mood, allowing you to feel better. Discover happiness on any hill with Happy Lens.

Helen Schettini always follows her instincts.
They’ve taken her from a small town in Canada to a career in snowboarding, where she continues to chase perfect days of deep powder with good friends. In the summer, Helen migrates south to hit the refresh button and chase perfect days of a different kind. A self-described “pleasure horse,” Helen works hard in life to do what makes her happy.

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