Underwater LED Boat Drain Plug Light

Simply replace your boats standard threaded drain plug, no drilling holes, wiring or boat modifications required. Just Plug N’ Play directly into a 12v boat accessory plug. Built-in ON/OFF switch and ultra-bright 1800 lumen CREE LEDs. Creates a big “burst of color” in the water behind your boat. Add FUN and Value to your boat. Also has hard-wired installation option. Be Visible & Bright, Have Fun at Night! 4 Colors Available.

MSRP: $89


Tower Air Chair

A new way to “Hang Out” on the boat! Just hang chair from the tower & take a seat. Whether you’re watching a rider, tanning, or chilling, it’s like you are weightless and floating on air. It’s the best seat on the boat!  Take chair from ship to shore & “Hang Out” on shore. Soft, comfortable fabric takes the shape of your body, one size fits kids and adults. Designed with boaters in mind, folds up and fits in a compact tote to carry or stow. (Tote is 5x5x19”)

MSRP: $79


Tidal Wake Shaper – XLR8

Turn Your Boat into a Surf Machine!  Engineered Wedge-Style performance shaper that is easy for 1 person to install from inside the boat plus compact “glove-box” size storage. Best shaper for both skim & surf style riders. Patent pending design grows & accelerates your wake for a larger sweet spot with more push.  Great for big air, tricks & more wake to play with for those new to the sport. Strongest suction cups on the market make it easy to switch to either side of the boat & It Floats. Made in USA.

MSRP: $259



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