Sea Ray SDX 270 Foil Session

A Pleasant Surprise From a Boat That Does it All


What They Say:

The SDX 270 Surf is designed to maximize every moment out on the water. The yacht-certified vessel showcases ultimate versatility with premium amenities, including powerful propulsion, an oversized bow perfect for socializing, an open cockpit with ample seating, and abundant storage areas. Plus, an intuitive surf system powered by Mercury Marine® generates rideable waves for wakesurfing and other watersports. Never compromising on comfort, the SDX 270 Surf offers everything you need for endless adventures.


Sea Ray SDX 270 Surf

What We Say:
The crew here at Alliance is pretty opiniated about any boat that is marketed for watersports, specifically wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Adding a SURF graphic to the title of boat seems to be the way brands can enter or reenter the watersports space and say they are qualified. Well, Sea Ray is pretty well known in the recreational and watersports boat market, remember the Ski Ray? The brand is credible and so is this new SDX 270 Surf.

There is a growing trend in the watersports market leaning towards offering more diverse capabilities, comforts and less use specific designs. Long way to say people want to be able to go to dinner and hang out on their boats as much as they want an epic performance wake. Cheers to that! Sea Ray is right on this trend with the SDX 270 Surf … and in this case, SURF is not simply tagged on to be current. Our team was really impressed with the size and push of the wave while wakesurfing and we didn’t come close to maxing it out with ballast and people in the boat.

The short of it is this; this boat can hold a ton of people, a ton of gear and pretty much everyone that is not an aspiring professional wakeboarder or wakesurfer will have as much fun as they can handle with the size and adjustability of the wake. This boat is a family fun total package that performs, is comfortable and is very reasonably priced.

Sea Ray SDX 270 Specs




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