Montara Boats the official Boat / Wake / Wave for the Alliance Wake 2024 Board Review Series

Coming off an incredible 2023, it’s clear that Montara Boats and the Surf Boss 2.0 have shaken up the watersports industry norm. After bringing Gunner Daft into the fold in early 2023, the blips on the social media radar started to ping. Fast forward to Montara’s partnership with Less Than 5 and the alignment with Mr. Scott Byerly and his new signature Surf Boss 2.0 and Montara’s presence and influence is simply undeniable.

While the hype around the brand and boat were hitting full stride in the fall, the real question was, “Is the wake and wave legit?? To be fair we at Alliance and the enthusiasts were all asking the same thing… “Is this a pontoon boat, a deck boat or some sort of hybrid performance towed watersports boat manufactured in aluminum?” Refreshingly it’s all of those things and with the best surprise being the all-important wake and wave. See our most recent Test Drive for the full review.

As we roll into 2024 we’re seeing more and more consumer focus placed on the convergence of boating lifestyle coupled with towed watersports. Simple technology and hull design can offer almost any manufacturer a “big” wake so consumers are looking for a little more of a Suburban than just a mud truck. Each of the new models brings something unique to the table while still having a legitimate wake and or wave. That being said, it’s totally appropriate that this year’s official 2024 Alliance Wake Board Review Boat / Wake / Wave is the Montara Surf Boss 2.0. Given the boating lifestyle flexibility this boat represents all while having a wake and wave the Alliance team loves, for this year there’s no better fit. Every board (wakeboard, wake surfboard and foil board) reviewed this year will be behind the Montara Surf Boss 2.0.

And if we’re being totally transparent, few boats party better than a deck boat layout.

Learn More – Montara Boats Surf Boss 2.0


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