The Fi23 is a sleek and compact boat that is specifically designed for serious sports performance and endless fun. With its aggressive lines and wide pickle-fork bow, this boat means business and will satisfy your cravings like no other. Don’t let its size fool you, the Fi23 has enough space for 14 people and 5,250 pounds of available ballast to create the perfect waves and wakes. This surf boat redefines what is possible in terms of performance, much like a sports car. The Pano SxS HD Touch Vision Dash puts all controls at the driver’s fingertips, while the optional ROV (Range of View) provides exceptional visibility without requiring the driver to turn their head, enhancing safety for everyone on board. Inside the Fi23 is a PCM engine that is 100% freshwater cooled. The ZZ5 5.3L GM engine yanks riders up with 400 lb-ft of torque thanks to Centurion’s PowerPull System that combines a specially matched gear reduction with a 4-blade 17” x 15.5” prop. The Fi Series values fearless innovation, which is reflected in every aspect of the Fi23’s design language.

Alliance Top 3 Features:
1. Ramfill
2. PANO Side by Side (SxS) HD Touch Vision Dash System
3. Surf Wave

Centurion Boats is the official towboat for the 2023 Alliance Wake Board Review.

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