Supreme S220

About Supreme:
Go big, or go home, right? A lot of companies pay lip service to the notion that they are committed to innovation and improvement without doing the work to elevate their product. At Supreme we are genuinely committed to giving you the best possible experience on the water. That’s why we have invested in an entirely new factory in Valdosta, Georgia capable of nearly unlimited capacity, and are delivering a model year like no other.

About the S220:
The 22-foot S220 is one of our new S-Series reshaping the Supreme Boats brand farther ahead of the “value class.” In fact, the S-Series boats are redefining that class. The S220 easily accommodates 14 people in an interior that screams luxury because its Comfort Strong Marine Vinyl by Spradling has the strength of a 17-mil top and is sewn together with indestructible Gore Tenera Thread by GORETEX. 


EZ-V Hull
The reason our boats can produce such amazing wakes is the modified deep-v hull design built into the new EZ-V running surfaces. It beats a flat hull every time when it comes to shaping wakes to the specifications you want for your performance.  


Silent Stinger Wake Plate Exhaust System
We enjoy having conversations with our family and friends, especially when we are on the water. We create quiet through efficient level-running hull design that requires much lower engine RPM to power even when weighted.


Ballast and Quick Surf
Supreme boats can accommodate your specific needs, whether you are just learning to surf or have perfected your style, with our adjustable ballast options. In the Supreme S220, we offer up to 4400 pounds of ballast in as many as six locations, evenly distributed throughout the hull.


Length: 22’
Beam: 102”
Dry weight: 5,400 lbs
Factory Ballast: 4,400 lbs
Passenger capacity: 14
MSRP: $117,182



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