Jobe’s continuous rocker boat board, the Vertex, managed to throw some curveballs into what we typically found in the majority of the score patterns. For instance, the Vertex Pro is somewhat flexy as far as a boat board is concerned, however despite this flex the board is able to maintain its shape and provide good, consistent pop. Also with good pop usually comes a sacrifice in the landing department, however the pronounced spine that runs in the center tip to tail helped create nice landings. The speed and swing weight on the Vertex were also very predictable. Swing weight was slight as the Vertex has a relatively thin tip and tail. The speed was right down the middle, neither slow nor fast. Where this board is somewhat polarizing is in the tracking department. This board is quite locked in, so there isn’t much room for butters or playful slashes. If charging towards the wake without fear of losing traction or slipping out on landings is something you are looking for in a board this is a great option.
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