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2010 O’Brien Intox
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  • 2010 O’Brien Intox


Length: 105cm
Width: 15.75”
Rocker: 2.2” 3-stage
Weight: N/A


Arguably the most advanced skate design on the market to date, the INTOX is helping riders land moves and ex- pand their trick lists at an unprecedented rate. The Intox has some of the most defined concave and kicktails of any wakeskate, and they blend together to provide one of the most controllable decks on the market, allowing for better leverage and power for more skateboard style ollies, shuvits, and flip tricks. The board features a full-length step down rail, the edge starts thick in the midsection of the skate, tapering to a more refined edge at the tips. This makes the skate extremely predictable and forgiving, yet responsive, allowing riders to pull off landings they wouldn’t have made on any other skate. The Solid PBT base adds durability, and we’ve finished it off with a grippy foam top deck that works well with or without footwear. After introducing the INTOX, our next question was “How do you make it even better? With the advanced / pro level rider in mind, we outfitted the INTOX GT4 with everything you could ever want in a skate, from the Jessup grip taped deck for true skate feel, sintered PTEX base for bombproof durability, and the industries strongest and most durable G10 fins. We didn’t stop there, to help expand the trick options we paired the board with a set of Puck fins to help lock in for nose, tail and bluntslides.
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