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2013 CTRL Supreme
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  • 2013 CTRL Supreme



134cm 138cm 142cm
Rocker - 2.65" Continuous
Wood/Foam Core
Removable fins (x4)


We called it The Supreme, not because it is the Supreme being or anything, but it really is the start of something special. Like its baby brother this fast, edgy, skate like ride is tight edge to edge with a surprisingly fluid and much more stable feel. Created by our own magic carbon concoction for enhanced air tricks, the Supreme still carries a lot of speed and some jaw dropping pop. Pour in some ERC 2.5 Core tech, the Plug In Fin, and you have a park board ready for launch. We also built in our Shield base, protection where you need it and want it because you’ve gotta protect your investment! Remember to always bring protection. Standard colors by size are shown, please note these may differ by country, check with you local CTRL dealer and find your color.
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