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2011 Liquid Force Deluxe
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  • 2011 Liquid Force Deluxe
  • 2011 Liquid Force Deluxe



Length: 139
Width: 16.9"
Rocker 2.3"
Stance Rance: 21"-25"
Center Fins: XLR .8


The new Deluxe Hybrid combines the flex and response of our hybrid technology with tested and proven hull features to give you a board that performs great at the rail parks AND behind the boat. Working with our rail dominator Kevin Henshaw, a new shape was created that features a thin flexible profile with plenty of bottom concaves/channels to give that extra control needed to hold an edge up the wake. With everything exiting out a deep tip concave, the Deluxe thrusts out of turns and boosts off wakes. Finishing off with our super durable GRIND base, this shape will handle anything you can dish out on rails, kicker, and obstacles. If you’re looking for lively hybrid flex with all-around responsive hold, the Deluxe is your new ride.
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Consumer Review What's This?
Jake 5
Posted: February 9th, 2011
Totally sick board!! I ride cable (not boat). I'm used to LF boards and could do all my tricks first ride (didn't have to get used to it). I ride with the fins on... it's not just a slider board. Landings were nice and soft, pops really well on ollies and was amazing for flat water inverts - I went bigger than with a stiff board and it was smoother/poppier on release too! I think this is better than the Watson hybrid for cable parks. the fins are thicker, so less chance of breaking. It's also smoother when you cut, The Watson Wybrid has too much grip through the middle. Everyone likes different types of boards, but if LF boards are your weapon, then get this. Best board I've ever ridden!!!! J


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