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Reed Hansen
Reed Hansen
Age: 32
Hometown: Groveland, FL
Years Riding: 6
Height: 6-2
Weight: 170
Stance: Goofy
Sponsors: Supra, Ronix, Fox, Performance Ski & Surf, World Wakeboard Center
Bio: Known for his flowing locks, giant truck and oh yeah, insane wakeskate ability, Reed grew up at the World Wakeboard Center, part of a heavy wake family. His brother Trevor is a pro wakeboarder, which may explain how Reed can ride his wakeskate so effortlessly. It’s often hard to tell the redneck ripper isn’t strapped in, until of course, he does a crazy flip trick variation. These skills are probably what have earned him three consecutive world championship titles and Cable, PWC and Boat titles at Toe Jam.
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