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2013 Ronix Boomstick 42 (Reed Hansen)
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  • 2013 Ronix Boomstick 42 (Reed Hansen)



Length: 40" 42" 44"
Width: 15.4"
Rocker 1.9" blended 3-stage
Weight: 14lbs
MSRP: $370


The Ronix Boomstick Bi Level Wakeskate is created by the 5-time WWA world Campion, Alliance Rider of The Year - Reed Hansen. The Boomstick is a 14 lb, stockier skate featuring Ronix's Obese Technology, offering more board control on the water. The bi-level shape of the Boomstick has a smooth concave making it easier to always land on the bolts. The bi-level shape also creates a more consistent, quicker swing weight than a traditional single level skate, yet still gives it stability for somebody just taking the drop. Two decks working independent of one another allow a skater to land off axis with a greater chance of recovery. Featuring Ronix's greatest technology, this deck is ridden by one of the sports greatest skaters, but is still easy enough for a beginner. Reed Hansen designed and endorsed.


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