Vigaro: 152

  • Tracking: 8
  • Ollie: 8
  • Landing: 8
  • Base: 7
  • Flex: 7.5

Anna Nikstad has been on the map for quite some time as being one of the most badass women riders on the cable, especially when it comes to her unique style on the water which accompanies the stylish look of this year’s (and last years) Virago. With just a quick glance at the Virago one thing is clear; this board isn’t pandering to anyone. This is a wakeboard made by a wakeboarder for wakeboarders, male or female. With size options from 137 to 152 no one is left out from being able to experience this all around park board. From our review we found that despite this board’s extremely flexy nature you don’t have to sacrifice comfortable landings, making it a great board for rail dancin’ and even kicker sendin’. The Virago is an all around weapon for the park.


Butterstick: 152

  • Tracking: 8
  • Ollie: 8
  • Landing: 7.5
  • Base: 6.5
  • Flex: 8

The Butterstick is a staple of the Liquid Force line up and so is Felix Georgii, so it’s no surprise to see the Butterstick back in action for 2021. This year Felix mixed things up with an eye-catching graphic steering away from the Butterstick’s traditionally more muted color palette. This board is advertised as the most flexy board in Liquidforce’s 2021 line and rest assured it’s plenty flexy for presses and butters but we found the Butterstick didn’t sacrifice control for flex. Also new for this year, Liquidforce has given riders the option to narrow their stance about a ½” allowing for even more stance options with their Flextrack system. Year after year this board holds up to Felix’s urban abuse in the streets so if you’re looking for a durable yet playful ride this is the board for you.  


Peak: 149

  • Tracking: 9
  • Ollie: 9
  • Landing: 8.5
  • Base: 7.5
  • Flex: 6

Cable wakeboarding has a handful of OG cable riders that shaped the sport into what it is today and Nico von Lerchenfeld is among those greats. Nico’s “Peak” pro model has been a world wide staple since 2012 giving the board 9+ years to be shaped into what it is today. This board may not conform to the wave of “wet noodle” style flex that has come to be popular but don’t be deterred; there is a reason this shape is still in the line up! Traditionally when you trade flex for a bit stiffer of a ride you gain back a more consistent pop, softer landings and with the help of this board’s multiple channels you also get much better tracking. From the riding we were able to do at the cable with this board, we found that the flex is still plenty to get locked into presses and keep some stylish butters going with a little effort. This makes this board stiff, but not uncomfortably so. This board is perfect for someone willing to give up a bit of flex for a more comfortable and consistent ride.