Steel Katana | Connelly – 4’7

Speed: 8

Pop: 6.5

Slash: 4

Stays in Wave: 9

When you have to design a board for a wakesurfer that hits double ups while surfing, building something light and durable is a must. Luckily Connelly has come up with the “Skelecore” for Steel Laffertety’s pro model, the Katana. This ultra light core takes some weight out of the board creating a more snappy ride to keep up with Steels hijinx. In our review we found that this board also stays in the wake with very little effort which makes it a good option for beginners to finally drop that handle. With a clean graphic for 2021 as well as translucent panels for light to pass through the board, it sure is a good looking whip for both beginners or more experienced riders.



AK | Connelly – 4’6

Speed: 9 

Pop: 8

Slash: 8

Stays in Wave: 8

If you’ve paid any attention to wakesurfing you have probably heard of the name Ashley Kidd. Ashley is a 5 time world champion, so it’s safe to say that she knows a thing or two about what makes a rad wake surfer, and the metrics from our review of her signature “AK” surfer would certainly support that. The AK comes in a 4’6 and 4’10, however we reviewed the 4’6 which turned out to be a very controllable size that still allows you to stay in the wave with ease. This board’s lightweight construction from EPS foam and carbon tape yields a fast ride through the water making it one of the quickest boards we reviewed. The AK from Connelly is a great board whether you’re looking for a fun surf style ride on the water or for perfecting aerial tricks to put in your next competition run.



Lil Easy | Connelly – 4’6

Speed: 6

Pop: 6

Slash: 7

Stays in Wave: 8

Throughout all of the boards we tested, the Connelly Lil Easy may have brought some of the biggest smiles. We aren’t sure if it was the comically large single fin option or Jeff Langley sending it out into the flats but the Lil Easy sure did bring the good times. That being said this board was actually designed with lighter riders in mind. The idea behind this surfer was to take a longboard style ride and shrink it down to be more accessible to lighter riders. However the design for lighter riders certainly didn’t stop us from enjoying this surfer throughout the test day. As I mentioned before Jeff Langley definitely gave this ride a bit of a stress test and it held up perfectly so we can say without a doubt the Lil Easy was built to last. This is the perfect board for not only lighter riders, but anyone who is looking for a longboard style feel with a bit more agility. The Lil Easy is a good time for anyone on the water.