One of Ronix’s most notable boards in recent years, the Top Notch Pro was taken off the market to be replaced by the Atmos. At first glance the graphic is a clean solid color design with a shape very similar to the Top Notch Pro, but what makes this year’s Atmos different is under the hood. In its core, the Atmos boasts a new “spine” that runs tip to tail which allows the softer horizontal wood to run edge to edge. This creates a soft board that can withstand the Peacock brothers’ aggressive style of riding. In our testing we found that this change allowed the rider to really feel the rail underneath your feet, especially in comparison to other boards in Ronix’s cable lineup. The mellow channels running tip to tail also allowed for better tracking without being a nuisance when coming off early on rails. Overall this is a great playful board that can let loose when you need, but also can dig in for those heavy kicker hits.
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