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2010 Hyperlite Vinyl
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  • 2010 Hyperlite Vinyl


Length: 41”
Width: 16.6”
Rocker: 1.9” 3-stage
Weight: N/A


BT's completely redesigned Vinyl now features dual level construction delivering the features and durability of a compression molded skate and the feel and pop of traditional wood decks. The bottom deck features a wider profile to generate great pop off the wake and the subtle concave top deck helps accommodate a bigger foot. Throw in a new blended 3 Stage rocker line and dual tip/tail channels and you have a skate built for performance.
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Kendra B 5
Posted: August 28th, 2012
I first saw this wake skate on pinterest and fell in love with the graphics on it. The actual wood look and the top part really caught my eye cause that is really not something you always see. I begged my parents to get me it! This wake skate is so natural and easy to ride, makes doing flip tricks a breeze. The vinyl is heavy and easy to keep under you. When you do your wake to wake the board stays with your feet like it is a wakeboard, it's kinda really awesome! It's nice and poppy which helps out a lot so when you leave the wake it is easier than expected. It's a three stage rocker made out of compression wood and a foam bottom so it is sturdy and wont fall apart. This was made to last longer than other boards which is a plus. I love this board and all my friends have a hay-day riding around on my board.


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