We were hired by Rusty Surfboards to produce a product marketing video for their 2023 line of wake surfboards. With athletes Chad Carlson and Jacob Szekely we were able to shoot the entire line in 2.5 days. All board models below.

Snaggle Tooth 2.0 – https://rustysurfboards.com/products/snaggle-tooth-2-0
Half N Half Snaggle Tooth – https://rustysurfboards.com/products/half-n-half-snaggle-tooth-2-0
The Barb – https://rustysurfboards.com/products/barb
Underbite – https://rustysurfboards.com/products/underbite
Half N Half Underbite – https://rustysurfboards.com/products/half-n-half-underbite
Urchin – https://rustysurfboards.com/products/urchin
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