You may not initially consider Mission Boat Gear as a wake surfboard brand. With wakesurfing continuing to grow year over year, it would make sense for any company to jump in with a thrown together shape and grab some sales. In the case of the the Mission Kilo you couldn’t be more wrong. In our testing we dubbed this Mission Kilo “the sleeper” as it looks a bit different than most other surfers. Simply put, this board performed really well. It falls somewhere between a surfer and skim and does great at both. It has a lot of surface area rail to rail which makes it stay in the wave easily while still being able to maintain maneuverability. This board also doesn’t come with a front track pad – just wax and go, and even on airs it didn’t seem to have any issues in the grip department. Going back to our one and only complaint on the appearance of this board; the way the fins are attached is very different from most other surfers. Instead of a fin box it’s a hole through the board with a plastic black spacer on the top that not only looks a bit strange, it also feels weird when you place your feet on them. Still, the fins do their job and for the price this board comes in at, it’s a great option for someone who wants a “do it all” board for anyone in the boat.
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