Urchin 4’3”

As a surfboard manufacturer first and foremost, it’s safe to say that Rusty (Clint Preisendorfer) knows a thing or two about shaping a board that’s going to work on any wave. The art of balancing volume, rocker, concave and materials is key to making any board perform on any wave. What we know for sure is that this board ripped! Not only did it receive the highest overall score but all three testers ranked it as their top board choice. The Urchin is excellent rail to rail and fast down the line. This board has great pop and is the closest board to feeling like you are surfing a wave in the ocean. Very snappy and the fins release with ease. If you want to feel like you are surfing, this is the board for you.

Other Lengths: 4’3” – 5’2”
MSRP: $899


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