Drew Danielo represents the pinnacle of wakesurfing at a professional level. A seven time World Wakesurf Champion, he is an ideal role model both on and off the water. Drew’s talent and passion for growing wakesurfing has influenced the sport through his involvement with competitions, product development, and rider mentorship. A selfless approach centered around making everything and everyone around him the best they can be will continue to position him as a person to look to as wakesurfing gets bigger and bigger each year.

“Joining Team Nautique is really like a dream come true. Since the time I got into the wake industry it was obvious that Nautique was the premier company. They have been known as the boat with the best wakeboard/wakeskate wake. With the G-Series and the Nautique Surf System, they are now on top of the surf game also. I feel I have joined a company that shares a lot of the same morals as I do and they hold themselves to a very high professional standard. To see my name next to guys like Scott Byerly, Shaun Murray, JD Webb, Shawn Watson and the rest of the team is kind of surreal. I am excited to start this chapter of my career and work closely with Nautique to continue to push them to the front of the wakesurf community. I really feel at home with Team Nautique. Dreams can become reality with hard work and the right decisions.” –Drew Danielo