Rusty Snaggletooth
Rusty Snaggletooth 4’6″

MSRP: $1,195

The Snaggle Tooth is considered to be Rusty’s “high performance” model, and it is. This surfer features a short bat-nose which allows the riders to snap off the top of the wave without having to worry about catching the nose on the way down. In the 2022 Rusty wake surfboard lineup, we found this board to be a great middle of the road option. The board did everything well, fun to carve and easy for airs with enough pop to ride at an elite level. This board is a great option to last through anyone’s wakesurf journey – from just starting out, all the way to the professional levels.

  • Stays in wave 5
  • Carve 7
  • Pop 8
  • Ability 5

Other Lengths: 4’2″, 4’4″, 4’8″, 4’10”, 5’0″, 5’2″

2022 Rusty Snaggletooth


Rusty Underbite
Rusty Underbite

MSRP: $1,195

Out of all three Rusty Wakesurfer’s we had the pleasure of reviewing, none were quite as aggressive as the Rusty Underbite. This board was asking to be ridden hard, which made pumping down the line to generate speed more fun than ever. The thumb tail along with the rail design created a board that could be carved with the best of them. Even though the thin profile of this board made getting a super consistent pop challenging at times, there was no doubt that this board could generate the speed you need for any move. The Underbite is a great option for the seasoned rider looking to push their riding to the next level.

  • Stays in wave 3
  • Carve 8
  • Pop 6
  • Ability 6

Other Lengths: 4’2″, 4’4″, 4’8″, 4’10”, 5’0″

2022 Rusty Underbite


Rusty Urchin
Rusty Urchin 4’7″

MSRP: $970

If a fast and responsive wakesurfer is what you are looking for, then look no further than the Rusty Urchin. The Urchin is a twin fin featuring a venturi bottom. Essentially the venturi bottom helps direct the water into a smaller point at the center of the board which in theory makes the water move more quickly out of the tail. The venturi shape in a way can also aid in not only making board fast but also making it easier to turn. What we found was that this board, even in smaller sizes, provided plenty of speed while being able to pop and carve with no problem. Another reason to consider the Urchin is its performance on smaller wakes waves. If the wake your boat generates is less than ideal, the added speed this board provides would make this a contender. Regardless of the wake size, this board is a beginner friendly board that still can perform alongside other professional boards.

  • Stays in wave 7.5
  • Carve 5
  • Pop 6
  • Ability 3

Other Lengths: 4’3″, 4’11”

2022 Rusty Urchin


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