yamaha 255xd wakesurfing

About Yamaha:
Yamaha jet boats have become the gold standard for all open bow family runabout boats, outselling all other boats in their classes. Today, we continue our endless pursuit of perfection with the 2021 lineup.

About the 255XD:
One boat truly does it all, with new DRiVE technology, innovative wake features and a functional and stylish design, the 255XD is without rival. A high performing wakesurf boat with the versatility to do everything on the water.


yamaha 255xd wake booster

Integrated Yamaha WakeBooster
With the simple push of a button, integrated WakeBoosters® can be deployed on either side of the boat in seconds for wakesurfing.


yamaha 255xd touchscreen

12.3” Connext Touchscreen
The Connext touchscreen is perfect for towing with user-defined profiles for speed, acceleration and ballast.


yamaha 255xd drive technology

Yamaha DRiVE Technology
Yamaha’s award-winning DRiVE technology for enhanced low-speed handling and maneuverability is an industry first.


Length: 24.6”
Beam: 8’ 6”
Dry weight: 4,740 lbs
Factory Ballast: 1,600 lbs
Passenger capacity: 12



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