These days you’ll find Kyle Walton anywhere but behind a boat or PWC. Well, that’s not entirely true, he just took a trip to Mex with the LF wakeskate team for some filming sessions with Justin Stephens, but most of the time Kyle is getting pulled by a lawnmower engine with three football fields worth of rope (AKA a winch).
     Not too long ago I got the word that Kyle had found yet another sick place to do some winching. Kyle’s found some sweet places to winch, no doubt, but this had to be the coolest. When I arrived to the top-secret location (after being blindfolded and gagged – just kidding, I drove there, but I swore on a six-pack of Diet Coors that I wouldn’t tell anybody) I thought I’d found heaven. Not necessarily heaven for myself, but heaven for most dirty, adventure-hungry, a-touch-shy-of-the-quick-side wake enthusiasts. There was a sweet little land gap about 15-feet wide between a pond and a canal all set up with an up-ramp and a metal handrail going across – prefect for wrecking body parts, a trampoline, a full-on 50cc mini-bike track, and some other cool stuff. There was also a truck set up with the winch, a canoe for rowing the rope back out to the next rider waiting in the dirty (probably gator-filled) canal, and lots of nappy-haired wakeskaters running around. See? Heaven.
    Needless to say some serious winching went down at this secret location for two days, as well as some serious 50 racing, canoeing, photo taking, and bro-ing down. As is usual with land gap type things there were some pretty sweet wrecks. For instance, on the second day when the up-rail was taken down so some wakeboarders (Travis Propst, Aaron Aubrey, and Brian Reeder) could ollie on and hit the rail, Aaron Aubrey managed to not quite make the ollie and break one of the cinder block supports in half with his back. Ouch. Watching everybody get stoked, regardless of how hard the previous wreck might have been, was definitely cool and some sick stuff was thrown down. Be on the lookout in Alliance for some more shots from Walton’s latest adventure. Who knows where we’ll find him next.