Sculpture Winch Signs Felix Georgii

After releasing the slickest and most quiet Winch in the industry beginning of this year, Sculpture now signs no other than Felix Georgii

As this year continues to be a big year of change, it’s also a big year for innovation. We’re starting to see people ditch the go-cart engines and grab some batteries. Sculpture winches have been nothing but innovative with making the winch more accessible and user-friendly, by going electric. With entrepreneurs like this pushing the envelope with a new source to pull wakeboarder’s and wakeskater’s, we’re seeing a revolution of winching spark again. 

Sculpture came out of nowhere and blew everyone’s mind with the design of their new E-Winch. Now signing Felix Georgii as their first team rider, it’s clear to see the guys from Sculpture know what’s up. The German kid already showed what winching is about in his 2017 & 2018 X-Games Real Wake parts, walking away with a gold and silver medal and also took home the fan favorite voting.
Sculpture: “If people think about winching in wake, they most definitely have a shot or part of Felix in their mind. He’s part of a new era in wakeboarding that doesn’t focus on contests as much as others, he takes his winch and shoots video parts. We’re happy to be part of this new era. Having Felix on the team helped us a lot with his know-how about winching. He had a big influence on our first prototypes to the final product and we are beyond stoked to finally announce that he’s part of the team.”
Felix: “Using the Sculpture Winch helped me a lot to ride spots that weren’t possible to ride with a regular gas winch due to the noise they make. For some spots it is essential to get ready fast, make no noise and have a reliable pull right away. The many little details the Winch offers, I always realize how much winch know-how the guys from Sculpture actually have. I couldn’t imagine being on a better team.”
Besides boat and cable wakeboarding, winching becomes a more and more important part of the sport. It’s good to see a company which pushes winching in a professional way and gives more wakeboarder’s the chance to go out in the streets and winch. 
Congrats Felix, we’re stoked to see where these two take the sport in the years to come. 

Sculpture Winch | Welcome To The Team Felix Georgii from Alliance MultiMedia on Vimeo.