Story by Chris Moore

Have you ever been in the passenger seat riding in a car and seen something to your right that made you pull a Garfield on the window? You know what I’m talking about, the Garfield toy that people stick on the window inside their cars with 4 suction cups on his feet. Well that was me when I first saw this spot (minus 2 feet.) I even got stranded at the person’s apt I was at overnight (long story), and walked back to where I saw it, trying to get a better look at this location.

Months later I was on the phone with Adam Hart trying to figure a winch spot for the day when he mentions this spillway he’s been dreaming about for years. Needless to say, we were at the spot ASAP.

Ryan Axel and Mike Feldman scouted the spot a day in advance to make sure we would have all necessary supplies. All we ended up needing was a bunch of sandbags to dam up the bottom of the drop. We had amazing weather for January, the right crew to make it happen and no complaints. Check the video and all the pictures!

Just want to quickly thank Adam Hart with Distortion Grinch Winches for making this happen. Quinn Silvernale for making the trip up from Valdosta specifically to shred the ‘crete. Ryan Axel and Mike Feldman for gettin of their butts and doin’ some prescouting,  Liz Soto, for putting up with and filming, and last but not least, Edgar Perez and Russell Brightwell for takin pics and video.

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