A few weeks ago, I took a couple wakeboarders and a wakeskater to the middle of the country to see what would happen. Jeff McKee came from Orlando, Florida, Kyle from Canyon Lake, California, and Kyle Walton from Highland, Michigan. We all went out to Iowa City, Iowa, where there is a lake that goes against all preconcieved notions of anything and everything Iowa, or the Midwest for that matter. We spent three days in Iowa City, and at the Coralville Reservoir riding and touring the University of Iowa campus. I will let the photos give you a feel of what went down. It was some of the best, and true riding that I have ever seen firsthand. The little crew was definately vibing off each other, and everyone landed something they had never landed before, or in some instances tried before. The journey will air on PULL in a couple weeks so check it out, in the meantime, have a look at the photos.