Photo Courtesy: Meddock

Things to do when you’re not riding:

1) Netflix
2) Travel
3) Gym/Yoga
4) Buy useless things
5) Learn to play guitar

Ways to pass time on a long flight:

1) Prison Break
2. Read a couple books
3) Play In Flight Trivia with your friends and argue over who’s smarter
4) See how long you can get away with covering yourself in blankets and sleeping on the floor
5) Sleep I guess? But that’s boring.

Goals for the current season:

1) Push my riding and land new tricks
2) Push other girls by landing new tricks
3) Currently filming for Al Sur, a Mexican wake film, and Oakley’s Sets In Motion
4) Do the first girls’ mobe 5
5) Winning more would be nice

Favorite wake tricks to do:

1) Indy backside 180s
2) Poked out Tail/Stalefish grabs
3) Moby dicks are fun behind an xstar wake
4) Handle pass KGBs when I land them because they give me the biggest head trips
5) Nose grab heel 5’s

Favorite wake tricks to watch:

1) Toe off back 5’s
2) Rusty’s Osmosis 5
3) Tail KBG
4) Dowdy’s wake to wake double
5. My sisters wake jump attempt

Things you miss about South Africa:

1) The overwhelming natural beauty everywhere
2) The wildlife – especially the monkeys that break into the kitchen and steal bananas
3) The surfing
4) Calling people “Bru”
5) Granadilla ice cream on Camps Bay beach

Memories from your recent 21st bday:

1) Harley’s dancing
2) 7 hour drive of cupcakes and Jack Daniels with Melissa and Andrew
3) Moonshine
4) Big Spence flying in and surprising me
5) Getting last place in finals haha

Trends in wakeboarding:

1) Anti Zeaching
2) Being Medallion with Delta
3) Yo-yo’s
4) Dramatic web edits
5) Having babies

Places you’ve traveled to recently:

1) Surf trip to Bali, Indonesia was unreal
2) Monterrey and Bacalar, Mexico have some of the best riding spots and people
3) San Francisco with my sister
4) Always love going home to London to see my parents
5) Margaret’s River, Australia