Photo Courtesy: Byerly Boards

Ways to spend the off-season:

1) Golfing a lot!
2) CrossFit everyday
3) Home improvement projects with wife
4) Snowboard trips to Jack’s parents place
5) Trips to canada to see my family

Things about starting Clermont CrossFit with Rusty:

1) Working together and combining our ideas to make a hobby of ours into a business
2) Having the best workout partner. Trying to catch him in WOD’s makes me go harder, and I know he goes harder trying to not let me catch him, it has been a lot of fun!
3) We have an awesome gym to workout at whenever we want, and can bring all our friends when they want to come!
4) Meeting so many new people in our community, and watching their fitness improve is pretty amazing
5) Having another awesome job! Wakeboarding is an amazing job, and now I’m operating a CrossFit gym with my best friend in addition to riding…I feel pretty lucky!

Trends in wake:

1) The Nautique G Series
2) New cable parks opening in the States and Canada
3) Huge unique rail events like Wake the Line
4) Tricks slowing down and being grabbed in different ways
5) Photos shot with multiple flashes

Favorite wake tricks to watch:

1) Dowdy’s cab double off the wake
2) Rusty’s wrapped indy heel 9 off the wake
3) JD’s wrapped nose toe back 5
4) Danny’s wrapped backside 7
5) Bob’s toeside stale 3 into the flats

Favorite wake tricks to do:

1) Toe back 180 rewind
2) Toe roll to blind
3) Pete
4) Method
5) Backside 180’s

Ways to pass time on an international flight:

1) Jack’s sleeping pills
2) Use to be “delta specials” with Russ
3) Tiger Woods Golf
4) Clermont CrossFit Work
5) Tetris

Sports teams:

1) Toronto Maple Leafs
2) Orlando Magic
3) Toronto Blue Jays
4) OKC
5) Miami Heat

Things you miss about Canada:

1) My family
2) Being in Muskoka in the summer
3) When the leaves change in the fall
4) Tim Horton’s
5) Smarties (they’re different in Canada)