What do you get when you combine an all-star group of riders, the beautiful Northwest, and a giant Pita Pit RV? The answer is Jared Eygabroad’s new wakeboard movie The Way. This film follows the journey of Robby Carter, Jimmy Wolf, Chris Craig, Nick Ennen, Travis Propst, Rhett Whatley, and Daniel Doud as they explore all that the Northwest has to offer. From ocean tow-ins to river winching to crazy wall rides, this movie has it all covered.

Rather than individual parts, The Way is divided up into riding locations. The group makes their way across the Northwest hitting up numerous lakes around Washington and taking advantage of every possible riding spot they came upon. Each rider stood out in their own way and they all combined to deliver a great movie. Rhett killed it on the double ups, Jimmy had some crazy jibbing, Travis had a killer mustache, and Doud stole the show with his unique wall riding abilities.

Aside from the standard lake riding, The Way showcases some unique riding on spillways, rivers, oceans, and a crazy stunt that involves jibbing Jimmy’s head. If you don’t believe me, go pick up your own copy of The Way at your local shop or online at http://www.sportsflicks.com/DVDinfo/wakeboard/the_way_scratch_films_dvd.htm .