From the October / November issue 12.8 we bring you the List. Loaded with the good, the bad, and the ugly, it’s everything you loved and hated about the year 2012. As with every year it certainly had its ups and downs, and reflecting on each of these moments becomes one of our favorite year end traditions here at Alliance. Agree? Disagree? The choice is yours…


– #sorryforpartying
It all started at Brostock and morphed into a lifestyle all of its own. Our wives and children would be embarrassed to say they know us, but it happens to the best of men. Breaking shit, drinking excessively, ignorance of the law, and the list goes on. We’re not sure if it helps or not, but we truly are sorry.



– Wake Bros
We’re not just talking about a “reality” show on MTV here, folks. Brother wakeboarders and wakeskaters have been making some serious noise in the industry this year. The Bonifays, Deromes, Pasturas, and of course, Sovens, are all doing something unique. Pretty soon Bob Soven will be giving Carrot Top and Shaun White a run for the most publicly accepted ginger award, while Phil will probably get diamond earrings, move to LA, and pay $7,000 a month to live with Sheckler and be part of the entourage.


The Deromes took 2012 by the balls and then twisted. pic: Cortese 


– The Deromes
These French Canadian brothers have steamrolled through the season collecting large amounts of prize money and magazine coverage on their quest to be the #1 and #2 riders in the sport. They locked in double flips together and continue to push one another while each having their best year yet.


A man and a machine that made a big difference in 2012. Reed Hansen. pic: Cortese


– Reed Hansen (& his bobcat)
Has one wakeskater done more for the sport this year than Reed Hansen? Probably not. Remember the cover of our 100th issue where Raph Derome is sliding the chain? Reed was there to help build the contraption with his bobcat. Then there was Toe Jam where Reed and his bobcat helped dig and shape the pool. Then there was Battle Falls in which Reed invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to construct. If there is ever an opportunity for Reed to help his friends or the progression of our sports, he is there with a smile on his face ready to work. Plus, he is still dominating the field when it comes to riding his wakeskate.


Riding “on the tour” isn’t always the coolest thing to say, unless it’s the Wakeskate tour you speak of. Ben Horan @ Battle Falls. pic: Cortese


– The Wakeskate Tour
The Wakeskate Tour has been a huge success in its first year and inspired all kinds of creativity/progression for wakeskating. Every stop was an entirely new setup built to last a lifetime, so you know the progression is only going to continue. Plus, the guys learned a thing or two about digging and concrete work, so they now have a back-up plan. In the meantime they’ll keep on mastering all of the most technical flip tricks and other things we never imagined possible just a few years back.


The Nautique G23 (among others) made some serious waves in wakeboarding this year. Pun Intended. pic: Cortese


– New boats
All the major players have stepped up their game in the past year introducing new model boats with wakes taller than some of the competitors in our sport. We’re dangerously close to living the yachting lifestyle in boats like the Nautique G23 and MasterCraft’s new X-Star.The tricks that are going down wake-to-wake are beyond what we ever imagined 25 years back. We were hoping everyone would go bigger and grab longer, but instead they’re just adding more 180’s… (tongue firmly in cheek)



– No LF wakeskaters or girls at Brostock
Ok, there were still girls at Brostock, but they just rode things other than wakeboards. As for the wakeskaters, they were nowhere to be found. How can you throw a party without the man on the T-shirt, the “12 before 12” creator, Mr. Aaron Reed? The wakeskaters know how to take things to the next level, and they were missed dearly at the Lake of the Ozarks.


 Watson lives the dream 1 day at a time. pic: Soderlind


– Watson back on the prowl
Yes, the prowl, hunt, poon-train, etc. Whatever it’s called these days, no energy drink spokeswoman is safe from the claws of one Mr. Watson. He’s been on fire all summer long in his travels, but the slow season is approaching quickly. There’s no telling how he’ll fare through winter, but we’re guessing the low to mid 20’s.



– Where’d the hazing go?
What’s up with all these young guns just rolling in like they own the show? What happened to wedgies, swirlies, and a general disrespect for groms? Everyone is playing way too nice and it’s allowing for oversized egos in the new generations. Veterans, it’s time to step up your game and let the little fellows swim back to the dock.


Derek Cook is back on the scene as is the entire Delta crew in 2012. pic: Cortese


– The return of the Delta
Not since the mid-90’s has Discovery Bay on the Delta been home to legit professional riders. Back then it was guys like Josh Smith, Rich Facciano, Corey Kraut, and Darrin Rayzor keeping the “West Coast style” at the forefront of the sport. Since then guys like Mike Schwenne, Aaron Aubrey and a handful of others regularly rode the dirty waters of the infamous Delta, but none lived there. Now with Josh Twelker, Derek Cook, Trever Maur, and Grant Roberts all calling Disco Bay home, the Delta is back and with a vengeance — and obviously exhibiting a stylish impact on the sport.


Langley boosting his signature mute double roll to revert. pic: Lee


– Jeff Langley
He’s crept out of the shadows of his roommate Jim in the last year and really taken to the pro lifestyle. Scoring covers of magazines, traveling to the backside of the world, drinking moonshine and sticking dubs off dubs, it truly is a breakout year for this Georgia peach. Plus, he now has a pro model board from O’Brien called the Bruce. Can you say “badass”?


So tight it burns…well hopefully that’s why it burns. pic: Keena


– Skinny jeans no matter what the weather
Do kids ever get tired of the crotch rot they’re experiencing on a daily basis from running around in summer weather in these things? If you guys are really that concerned about showing off your legs, there are these things called shorts… And if it’s your junk you’re concerned about, there are Speedos.



– Instagram
Lets face it, we’re all hooked. Remember that day back in July when they took Instagram away from us? No sharing, no notifications, nothing. Just real life communications and experiences. What a drag. Thank God they got that shit back up and running so we can can continue to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner while double tapping our screens.