Part of the Alliance crew spent last weekend out in Arizona to partake in the first Arizona Wakeboard Association event of the season. Like a lot of things we do it was really just another way to get invited to a party. Melanie Bosley of Century Marine had set up a 45 minute limo bus ride from Lake Pleasant (contest site) to the Motley Crue concert in Phoenix and, deadline or not, we were rolling.
The magazine was at deadline so we didn’t leave the Alliance office until 9:00 pm to start a 430-mile drive. This should have put us in AZ around 4:00 am, but the Gods of metal were determined that we prove our devotion. At midnight they caused the left rear tire of the Spy boat trailer to deflate in the middle of the desert. You would think that our very shiny new Spy boat trailer would have a spare tire, nope. Why have a spare when you can call AAA to come and fix it some 200 miles from the closest AAA supported station?
Overall the weekend was another example of how hard we will work for a good party. Forty hours with no sleep, a day’s worth of wakeboard and wakeskate demos, a handful of citations for Don Wallace and all the liquid the human body can handle in one limo ride. Look for the full story in a future issue of Alliance Wakeboard magazine. – CM