Event Huge Success With Incredible Performances From All Of The Athletes

Encinitas CA, (November 23rd, 2020) – The 2020 Moxie Pro Series is complete and this groundbreaking women’s wakeboarding event was led by incredible riding from all of the athletes from around the globe. Never before has there been a global series open to all women wakeboarding athletes, The Moxie Pro created that opportunity and the world was rewarded with all of the best riding from these athletes in one place.

Never before have both cable and boat riders come together to compete in the same series and even in the same event in the final. These women athletes were incredibly supportive of one another throughout the entire series, offering sincere congratulations to the winners and accolades for incredible moves.

Bill McCaffray of Alliance MultiMedia said: “We were hopeful by creating the Moxie Pro platform for the women to showcase their talents that would inspire incredible performances and fan engagement. We could not be any happier and our sponsors are already talking about Moxie Pro 2021. Thank you to all of the athletes who participated, bigger and better to come for 2021.”


Cable Event

Julia Rick of Cologne, Germany is the top ranked cable rider in the world and current WWA Wake Park World Champion and proved again why she is always a force on the cable by taking the victory at the first ever Moxie Pro Cable Event.

Cable Event Results

1  Julia Rick 90.7 ($2,000)

2  Maryh Rougier 88.0 ($1,000)

3  Lisa Baloo 86.6 ($500)

4  Courtney Angus 86.4

5  Anna Nikstad 86.1

6 Meagan Ethell 83.9

7  Jamie Lopina 82.7

8  Angelika Schriber 81.2

Cable Event Best Trick – Lisa Baloo ($250)


Boat Event

Meagan Ethell has been a dominant force in competitive wakeboarding behind the boat for the last 8 years and she did it again with signature style and diverse moves and took the win in the boat specific event of the Moxie Pro Series.

Boat Event Results

1  Meagan Ethell 93.3 ($2,000)

2  Bec Gange 89.4 ($1,000)

3  Mary Morgan Howell 86.8 ($500)

4  Tarah Mikacich 83.6

5  Carro Djupsjö 79.5

6 Dallas Friday 75.3

7  Taylor McCullough 72.2

8  Hinata Yoshihara  70.1

Boat Event Best Trick – Carro Djupsjö ($250)


Final Event

With The Moxie Pro expanding to 6 awards for the final, the athletes stepped up their riding and video producing to release :90 second video segments to complete in the final event. The judges were impressed by all of the video segments submitted from these women from around the world ,representing every aspect of wakeboarding today. From incredible boat riding, to winching and some gnarly cable riding every one of the riders submitted an absolutely amazing video segment. The scores were so tight that the judges took 4 days to closely review each of the riding segments and compare every move and take into account the video segment as a whole.

To the Athletes

Thank you all for doing such an amazing job with this series, specifically the final event. The Moxie Pro Series is very happy to have been able to pull this off in this weird time and have all of you participate from all over the globe in the final. Moxie Pro also wanted to say thank you for bearing with us while we deal with this shifting landscape. We look forward to next year when we can do this again and have some onsite events and celebrate with all of you in person.

Final Event Results

1  Meagan Ethell 94.5 ($2,000)

2  Lisa Baloo 90.83 ($1,000)

3  Anna Nikstad 89.0 ($500)

4  Jamie Lopina 88.66

5  Julia Rick 88.33

6  Maryh Rougier 82.5

7  Bec Gange 80.0

8  Courtney Angus 77.0

9  Carro Djupsjo 72.33

10  Tarah Mikacich 70.16

11  Angelika Schriber 70.0

12  Taylor McCullough 68.66

13  Mary Morgan Howell 66.0

Fan Vote Winner – Mary Morgan Howell ($1,000)

Indmar Trick of the Year – Lisa Baloo ($1,000)

Supra Best Boat Line – Bec Gange ($1,000)

Overall Winner/Series Champion – Meagan Ethell ($1,000)

Next Body Glove Girl – Mary Morgan Howell (Annual Body Glove Agreement)

Moxie Pro Payout

Initially the Moxie Pro Series committed to a $12,500 purse for the year. The Moxie Pro Series was able to grow that to $15,000 with the quality support from our sponsors. 

Cable Event = $3,750

1st – $2,000

2nd – $1,000

3rd – $500 

Best Trick – $250


Boat Event = $3,750

1st – $2,000, 

2nd – $1,000

3rd – $500 

Best Trick – $250


Final Event = $7,500

Fan Vote Winner – $1,000

Indmar Trick of the Year – $1,000

Judges Podium – 1st $2,000, 2nd $1,000, 3rd $500

Supra Best Boat Line – $1,000

Overall Winner/Series Champion – $1,000

Next Body Glove Girl – Annual Body Glove Agreement

The Moxie Pro would like to offer a sincere “Thank You” to all of our sponsors, specifically Body Glove, Supra Boats, Indmar Marine, Liquid Force and Lead Wake. Please support these amazing brands that build the best products and support the best athletes.

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