Cory Teunissen Launches Himself to the Top of the Podium & Silveira Locks Down Wakesurfing for the Lead Going Into the Final Event

Orlando, FL  (August 17th 2020)  – The Supra Boats PWT Digital Event #3 is now complete and Cory Teunissen and Sean Silveira have taken the wins. For PWT #3, double ups were introduced into the digital format for the wakeboarders, giving the athletes a chance to perform maneuvers not typically done wake to wake also adding another trick to their line to be scored! The judges and the fans have weighed in and once again, Cory Teunissen and Sean Silveira have come out on the top of the podium.

“It has been incredible to see the level of riding step up in each digital event this summer. With such a tight competition, I am excited to see what happens in the final event when they battle it out on the water.” said PWT Manager Devin Tatro

The overall season championship battles are now red hot. In both wakeboarding and wakesurfing after three events the season champion will be decided at the final LIVE event. Though Teunissen and Silveira hold a solid lead, both Nic Rapa and Camron Swanson respectively have a shot at stealing the title at the final event. 

In wakeboarding, defending 2019 Tour Champion Nic Rapa opened the season strong with a solid win over Cory Teunissen. Teunissen came back in Stop #2 and in Stop #3 putting down the most technical lines ever seen in competition to take decisive wins over Rapa. Now Rapa, 2019’s Overall PWT Champion is in a do or die situation for the final event to repeat as the Pro Wakeboard Tour Champion. The big question is how everyone will perform in the head to head, live event format.

Similarly in wakesurfing, 2019 PWT Champion Sean Silveira walked to an easy win in the first event. Newcomer, Camron Swanson became comfortable with the online format for Stop #2 and took home the top spot from Silveira tying up the season with one win each. Now the results of this third event put Silveira solidly in the lead for the 2020 Pro Wakesurf Tour Championship going into the final event, but as it is a live event, anything can happen.

Cory Teunissen

Sean Silveira

Final Heat Scores


1st Corey Teunissen 96.00

2nd Nic Rapa 92.38

3rd Tyler Higham 89.25

4th Fynn Bullock 86.38

5th Guenther Oka 86.13

6th Shota Tezuka 79.88

7th Kai Ditsch 79.25

8th Tony Carroll 76.00



1st Sean Silveira 92.00

2nd Taylor Swanson 87.38

3rd Camron Swanson 85.75

4th Tyler Stewart 82.88

5th Connor Burns 77.38

6th Jake Caster 73.00


Pro Wake Tour Stop #3 Semifinal Results


Heat 1

1st Guenther Oka 90.75

2nd Shota Tezuka 84.88

3rd Sam Brown 76.00

4th Bryson Hancock 71.63


Heat 2

1st Tyler Higham 89.00

2nd Fynn Bullock 84.63

3rd Ulf Ditsch 78.25

4th Vinny Knapp 69.38


Heat 3

1st Nic Rapa 90.13

2nd Kai Ditsch 82.50

3rd Jake Pelot 82.25

4th Billy Allen 74.38


Heat 4

1st Cory Teunissen 92.00

2nd Tony Carroll 83.63

3rd Jake Hill 77.25




1st Sean Silveira 89.88

2nd Tyler Stewart 84.25

3rd Connor Burns 83.88

4th Jodi Grassman 79.00


Heat 2

1st Taylor Swanson 91.50

2nd Camron Swanson 88.13

3rd Jake Caster 83.00

4th Parker Payne 80.00

5th Beaux Wildman 78.38


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