Have you ever suspected you’re being watched? That used to be a legitimate question, but these days the answer is obvious: of course you’re being watched. Ever heard of a little thing called satellite cameras? How about Spyware? I rest my case.
            But seriously, do you ever feel like it’s more than that? Like some set of prying eyes has installed a video camera to keep tabs on what you do, or maybe you’ve fallen victim to a bug or wiretap on your phone. And yes, I use the word victim here, because you are a victim. You shouldn’t have to surround yourself with audio jammers and noise generators just to feel like you can have a normal day.
            Well, around here at the Alliance office, believe me — out of sight definitely isn’t out of mind. We worry about it constantly. We have competitors, and they have money – money for all kinds of things like trench coats and spy hats, eavesdropping devices, tiny, hidden spy cameras and even Egon’s PKM Monitor. And recently our ideas have been showing up in other places. Desperate Housewives? Our idea. Came up with that one a couple years ago during a meeting for Gear Guide. Those mini credit cards you can put on your key chain? Ours. Saw a regular credit card in Chase’s big fat hand one day and a light went off. There’s a lot more, too. Of course, we never acted on any of our ideas because there are two bars within 100 yards of our office, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right.
            Paranoia, it’s the destroyer. But the boss is out of town and we’re sweeping for bugs.