2021 Tribe Alert

There isn’t a better feeling in wakeboarding than going out and riding with your closest friends. Every so often a group of friends decides to take the crew’s riding to the next level and brand themselves to not only draw attention to the group but also elevate the riders around them. It was done in the early 2000’s with Pointless, and again a decade later with Shredtown, then Space Mob and so on. Of course there are many other tribes in the wakeboarding space beyond just those listed, but the point is that a group of friends making the right decisions can completely cause the sport to shift, and these groups are examples of exactly that. 


Sewer Cats The Sequel

Women in wakeboarding have traditionally been underrepresented in this group of groups, but one such tribe is on a mission to change that. CopyCatsClub is an organization that promotes women in wakeboarding. CopyCatsClub has given women a platform in the form of multiple printed magazines, a wakeboard movie (with a second on the way) and even a news bulletin on their website. This crew is the embodiment of professionalism meets fun and the praise goes to Sina Fuchs for organizing this Tribe.


Anne Freyer Photo: @eihnerframes

What separates CopyCatsClub from other Tribes in the sport is that there isn’t just a set group of riders that you expect to see being promoted. This group’s goal is to promote women in the sport as a whole. CopyCatsClub is not only going to help promote and build interest for women in wake but it should also be used as a guide for any group looking to influence the sport – the bar has been raised.


Vanessa Exner Photo: @david_doerre