2021 King of Style

Crowning a King of Style is seemingly very subjective. Style is a difficult thing to pin down as being specifically good or bad, but you certainly know it when you see it. So in order to lock down this award, your style has to not only be undeniable but consistent. Our 2021 King of Style has been on top of the Instagram game this year, whether it be on the cable or behind the winch – from the kit to the riding, it’s an ensemble that simply flows. 


You may know him already as “the guy with the bucket hat helmet” but allow us to formally introduce you to one of your favorite riders’ favorite rider, Sam Dehaan. Sam’s unique mixture of stylish riding and technical moves both in the air and on the rails make him not only impressive to the seasoned rider but can also be appreciated by the greenest beginner. His style is somehow lackadaisical yet energetic at the same time making the most advanced air tricks look simple and the simplest nose press look impossible. 

Sam Dehann

We have said it once and I’ll say it again, pinpointing style is difficult, especially over a text medium but what we can tell you is that Sam Dehaan has a style that will help shape wakeboarding for a long time to come.