Nor Cal wakeboarders were thinking winter might never end this year. The Sierras have record amounts of snow for this time of year – which is great for having more water, but not good if you like your water warm. It seems Old Man Winter has finally relinquished his hold on the Golden State and the wakeboarders have started to take advantage.
    Some of Cali’s best riders headed out to Mike Schwenne’s West Coast Camps’ houseboat on Lake McClure to hang out, enjoy the warm weather, and, of course, do a little riding. The first week of campers were treated to the riding of Aaron Aubrey, Derek Cook, Daniel Doud and Kyle Murphy, plus Schwenne and his two instructors Jared Couch and Mike Buckle (talk about a good way to start off the summer). Even though most of these California characters have not been on a wakeboard for very long this season, all of them look like they rode through the winter. They’re all killing it in their own stylie West Coast way. Fortunately, for all of you, I had my camera. Here are a handful of photos to whet your West Coast wakeboarding appetite. Be sure to check out the next few issues of Alliance to see the rest of the sick riding from Nor Cal.