Gina Duffy, Odgen area resident and business owner shares experience, gives business tips to students at WSU Goddard School of Business

Salt Lake City, UT, October 8, 2014 – Gina Duffy, the principal of SheShreds.co, spoke on campus last week to a room full of enthusiastic Weber State University business students regarding her successful experiences as an entrepreneur turned global. Her business seeks to inspire female athletes, but Duffy’s passion inspires a much broader reach.

With roughly 70 students from all disciplines, i.e. accounting, PR, marketing, business, IST, etc., Duffy shared information about entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing, and business finance. Students were anxious to ask questions, relate their own experiences, and take the information into their business life moving forward. To see the lecture, visit the Weber State Website, https://media-beta.weber.edu/player/asset/1077.

One, Phillip Peterson, was excited to take the info back home to his wife who is a shredder. “I really liked [the presentation],” he started, “For two reasons. My wife struggles finding apparel for herself. She likes being outside and likes running, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. As you go to boat shops, it’s hard to find stuff that fits her personality.”

“[I liked] the marketing aspect, the business plan, the SWOT analysis- I liked seeing how everything was tied together, and how Gina is growing such a unique company,” Peterson finished.
“The cause of empowering girls and women, and particularly female athletes is just something I can get excited about,” explains Kabi Catalano, Development Director for the Goddard School of Business at Weber State. “I knew our students would resonate with her message. [Duffy’s] personality is so vibrant and she is so passionate about what she is doing. She’s a strong entrepreneur… I knew she’d be an inspiration.”

“I think the student takeaway was there are many aspects to becoming an entrepreneur and owning your own business,” states Catalano. “I felt like her focus on PR, marketing, and being able to do those things effectively and at a low cost when you are first starting out was invaluable for them to learn. Start small, build, learn from your mistakes on a smaller scale, so when you really find momentum and start gaining success, you have a track record- something to share with investors.”

Not only is she teaching techniques on the home front, this hard core entrepreneur, via SheShreds.co, is making waves globally. With a recently launched ambassador program, they have feet on the ground in 20 U.S. States, the UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries. They just finished an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, and are heavy in the production of their fall/winter line of gear.

Duffy has been inspiring other audiences as well-
On August 25th, at the request of the Utah Council for Civic Diplomacy, Duffy addressed an international group of visitors interested in learning more about women as social entrepreneurs. Delegates, hosted by the U.S. State Department, were from Government agencies and business incubators supporting startup culture came from India, Pakistan, Europe, Australia and Japan were in the audience to name a few.
On June 17th, Impact Hub of SLC hosted a panel with Duffy alongside Cammie Cable of ClearLink, Sara Lund of Bodega, Fraser Nelson of Community Foundation of Utah. They presented on WomenPreneurs: Accelerating Women In Leadership.

SheShred.co gear is a statement of who a woman is; raw, courageous, beautiful- a complete individual. Ogden, you have a star in your midst. Mrs. Gina Duffy.

About Company
SheShreds, a Northern Utah-based action and adventure retail company, speaks an audacious message to adventurous women and girls across the nation, who disregard what someone “told you, you could or could not do. Shred on Sisters. Shred on.” Founded in 2013, SheShreds provides a robust line of “built-for-female” gear, including clothing and equipment, and a powerful message. SheShreds founder, Gina Duffy, was part of the international team that brought the first Moncler to Aspen, CO, possesses 15 years in lifestyle and hospitality marketing, and has wicked talent for fashion design and styling. She has over 10 years of action and adventure sports background including coaching wakeboard/wake surf, and riding boards that range in style from mountain top to valley lake.
For more information please visit http://sheshreds.co/pages/press.

Gina speaking at Weber State