Flowrider, UT and offer a fun for all ages ladies night event each week as a continued commitment to grow community for girls and ladies who shred!

Ogden, UT, April 7, 2015 – Gina Duffy, the CEO of and her team sponsor and lead a weekly ladies night offering each Wednesday at Flowrider, UT. As the series kicks off with an eight week learning and progression program, Professional Flow boarder, Denise “Dee” Spencer will provide coaching and direction on the female only wave section in a jam format. Raffles, music and fun will round out each week with a $15 ticket for all ladies and girls from 6-9p. All ages and abilities are welcome but you must be 42” tall to ride.

After the strong attendance of the ladies night series for ski and snowboard at Powder Mountain this winter, the mission moves forward this spring to get more girls out there shredding and to build community around action and adventure sports.

“The Flowrider Ladies Night series was a no brainer after Pro Flowboarder and our team athlete Denise “Dee” Spencer brought the idea up during our winter program at Powder Mountain. We were able to pitch the idea to Flowrider, UT General Manager, Shaun Hancock and he agreed it was a good idea and good for the sports growth. It is a great sport all by itself with lots of opportunity and a perfect mud season activity to compliment your wakeboard, wakesurf, snowboard or skateboard skills and stay fit. I have not tried it yet due to a snowboard injury so I am stoked to learn along with all the other girls during the series.” Says Duffy.

“I saw great potential in helping grow this sport I am passionate about by providing coaching and support each week for the series. I want to grow the competitive ranks of women and girls in Flowboarding and just get more girls on the wave. It is addicting and so fun!” added Denise “Dee” Spencer.

The Ladies Night series at Flowrider, UT runs April 8 through May 27 each Wednesday with support from Powder Mountain Resort , Club Rec and providing raffle and competition prizes and promotion.

SheShreds, a Northern Utah-based action and adventure retail company, speaks an audacious message to adventurous women and girls across the nation, who disregard what someone “told you, you could or could not do. Shred on Sisters. Shred on.” Founded in 2013, SheShreds provides a robust line of “built-for-female” gear, including clothing and equipment, and a powerful message. SheShreds founder, Gina Duffy, was part of the international team that brought the first Moncler to Aspen, CO, possesses 15 years in lifestyle and hospitality marketing, and has wicked talent for fashion design and styling. She has over 10 years of action and adventure sports background including coaching wakeboard/wake surf, and riding boards that range in style from mountain top to valley lake.

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About Flowrider, UT
Located at The Salomon Center in Ogden, UT, The Flowrider is an artificial wave powered by an engine that drives 10,000 gallons of flowing water. It is an exciting, high capacity ride. A rush that you normally only experience in the ocean or on a river is what you will experience- indoors! Flowriding is ideal for family participants of all ages. Parents, daughters and sons can experience the thrill of riding a wave in a safe and controlled environment.  Snowboarders, wakeboarders, skateboarders and surfers love Flowrider because of it’s thrill and challenge so closely aligned to other board sports. You just need your bathing suit and a willingness to give it a try. Find out all the details here:

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