Ogden-based business collaborates with customers to design new fall line, augmenting the massive momentum driving the company through their first year of business.

Salt Lake City, UT, November 17, 2014 – announced today the release of a new fall/winter line that was inspired by customer design and requests, focusing on fashion and function, and which continues to inspire girls to claim what is theirs in action sports. has been officially unleashing the power of “she” for one year and continues to empower girls globally through their mounting cultural brand that is breaking industry stereotypes and demanding well-deserved attention.

There is a lot of excitement behind the release of the fall line stemming from the collaboration that has had with their customers, athletes and ambassadors throughout the design and production process.

Gina Duffy, founder of states, “These girls directly impact our products. That’s the big difference- we’re not just guessing, we’re talking to this big group of girls we work with and utilizing their talents. They are ecstatic that a brand and company cares about what they have to say and includes them in the process. Some of our girls have sent us designs, some photograph the gear, some model for us. It’s truly THEIR brand.”

The new fall pieces are of course functional and fashionable. has focused on producing layering pieces that girls can peel down when they come off the slopes and go straight to après ski, dinner or a party. Duffy explains, “I know girls have a life off the mountain as well, so I want to make sure we are making things that are ‘favorites’ and ‘go to’s,’ whatever they are doing.” has built steady momentum and received increasing support over their first year in business. Duffy says, “We are beyond thrilled about all the excitement around the brand we are building. So many girls reach out to us on a daily basis around the globe to see how they can become a part of SheShreds. I know for a fact we are helping to fill a big void that was in the industry.”

Not only have girls around the world taken notice, but organizations and news outlets have been voluntarily reaching out to learn from Duffy’s inspirational success and follow the SheShreds story. To date, Duffy has been requested to speak for the Utah Council for Civic Diplomacy, Impact Hub of SLC’s panel on accelerating women in leadership, as well as Weber State’s Goddard School of Business. Park City TV has freely invited Duffy to come onto their show and has already booked her again to return in a few months.

“Being the founder and voice of SheShreds has been so humbling,” Duffy admits. “I’ve been told that I’m a role model for a lot of younger girls and that makes me want to work harder every single day. Truly, I’ve been nothing but completely inspired by all these girls I’ve come in contact with since launching SheShreds. I feel extremely lucky and honored.”

One of the biggest highlights of SheShred’s first year in business is the fostering of a self-perpetuating sisterhood. Through the ambassador program and new events page on the website, participates in fun events, competitions and activities across the U.S. which ambassadors and/or sponsored athletes attend. makes sure their ambassadors’ bios and social media contact information are accessible on the website ensuring every girl has an opportunity to connect with someone who shares similar values and dreams.

“This has been such an important part of building the culture around our brand. Having a community, a sisterhood of girls, wherever you go to shred is so important. Many girls want to be involved but often times they are outnumbered by guys or they can’t find a friend to go on the adventure with them. Now we are building a network that anyone can connect with.

Duffy continues, “Our ambassadors are out there following their passion, inspiring other girls and helping others get involved in action sports. It’s really becoming an amazing sisterhood and it’s really touching to see this blossom between the girls without my prompting. It’s growing each day…and it’s getting really hard to keep up! is headed full throttle into the busy snow season and hopes to see a lot of girls on the mountain, shredding together with strength, power, courage and of course, style. Get ready for another year of empowerment, support, and showing the world how powerful “she” can be. “Shred on Sisters, Shred on!”

About Company
SheShreds, a Northern Utah-based action and adventure retail company, speaks an audacious message to adventurous women and girls across the nation, who disregard what someone “told you, you could or could not do. Shred on Sisters. Shred on.” Founded in 2013, SheShreds provides a robust line of “built- for-female” gear, including clothing and equipment, and a powerful message. SheShreds founder, Gina Duffy, was part of the international team that brought the first Moncler to Aspen, CO, possesses 15 years in lifestyle and hospitality marketing, and has wicked talent for fashion design and styling. She has over 10 years of action and adventure sports background including coaching wakeboard/wake surf, and riding boards that range in style from mountain top to valley lake.

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