Apparel and gear for females in action and adventure sports is retail juggernaut as Founder, Gina Duffy, plans and launches spring/summer line of merch. 

Salt Lake City, UT, April 30, 2014 – today announced the release of spring line of apparel and gear for females in action and adventure sports. With spring in the air, crew and fans trade the snowboard for the wakeboard and skateboard to keep women and girls looking good and riding sideways as the warm weather ensues.

Utah-based releases its spring and summer signature line and partner product offerings exclusively at — providing fashion and gear specific for the nation’s female athletes of all ages. With passion for snow, wake, skate and moto sports — and the dedication to bring awareness, participation, and growth for females — the company is quickly growing a global community to break culture and gender-based boundaries.

In addition to LOTS of new little girl’s apparel in the new spring line, Founder Gina Duffy has put together some fun little girls wakeboard collections.

“The little girls love all the bright fun colors, the empowerment messages on the tees that say things like, ‘Girl By Birth, Fierce By Choice’ and ‘I don’t ride like a boy, I’m BOSS.’” Duffy goes on to describe how, “they get a kick out of those and want everything in the collection. Each piece is super soft, comfy on your skin and well made. They love wearing the gear.”

Women’s have some really cool snap backs that say things like “Shred On” and “Killing It.” As Duffy describes some of the new line, she is excited about the “cute little shorts, lightweight hoodies that are as light as a t-shirt, cropped hoodies and tees that are all perfect to throw on over your bikini after a set.”

“Girls who participate in these sports are going to really connect with the new line. Their passions and lifestyle are literally expressed through the apparel with the new ‘I Shred Therefore I Am’ tee and hoodies with the honorary ‘Shred On’ on the back,” Duffy explains in regards to the general feel of the new line.

“As women and girls head out to have fun on the water, trails, skate parks and beyond, we definitely know they’re ready to put on some fun summer clothes and get in some bright colors after the long winter, and everyone will know where a girls stands when she wears our gear.”

Female-owned celebrates and embraces ladies of all ages getting their shred on, loving life, being daring, pushing the guys out of the way, and breaking the gender divide in action sports. Duffy states, “You can be stylish and a badass rider; those things are not mutually exclusive. No one can hold you back now. Shred on, sisters. Shred on!”

Born from an insatiable passion for both fashion and action sports, this cultural and retail experience is for the style and progression-conscience outdoor and action sports female enthusiast who wants to look good and feel good while skateboarding, wakeboarding, off-roading, mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, or in sum, shredding!

About SheShreds
SheShreds, a Northern Utah based action and adventure retail company, speaks an audacious  message to adventurous women and girls across the nation, that, despite what someone “told you, you could or could not do, Shred On Sisters. Shred On.” Founded in 2013, they provide a robust line of “built-for-female” gear, including clothing and equipment as well as a powerful voice. SheShreds founder, Gina Duffy, was part of the international team that brought the first Moncler to Aspen, CO, possesses 15 years in lifestyle and hospitality marketing, has wicked talent for fashion design and styling. She brings over 10 years of action and adventure sports background to the table including coaching wakeboard/wake surf, and riding boards that range in style from mountain top to valley lake.

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