Every year the automotive accessory industry gets together in Las Vegas to showcase everything and anything you could possibly do to your vehicle. If you want thirty inch wheels, a thirty inch subwoofer, or three hundred additional horsepower, SEMA has the manufacturer that makes it. If you are lucky enough to bamboozle your way into the show, you will get to see the craziest shit there is on the road. The Giovanna booth had over six million dollars in vehicles in it; we touched every car.

As the wakeboard community continues to cross over into the automotive world, wake’s presence at SEMA this year was stronger then ever. Every audio supplier had a booth at SEMA which gave us the opportunity to see what’s going to rock the lake this season. DSO had a yoked out H3 and matching Maxum, which was not to be outdone by the X-Star in the Prime Media booth. Even the Ford booth had Byerly’s board on top of an Explorer. Oakley had a done up Dodge Charger with Kicker rocking the sound, DVS got nuts with Honda and Rockford Fosgate ponied up with a supercharged Mustang. The Alliance MultiMedia flagship Trans Am kicked their asses and sent them home crying.