Southern California is known for its sunny blue skies, warm weather and sandy beaches, not it’s abundance of rain. At least until the winter of 2004/5 when LA county, OC and SD County all received more rain in a few months than Seattle did all last year. Until this winter season many of California’s lakes and aqua ducts were parched from more than a decade of drought, recieving barely enough water each winter to keep them open. This year California lakes and reservoirs finally have had the rain and snow they have needed to raise the depleted water levels. As summer gets nearer and the temperatures rise, the snow run off will continue to benefit these bodies of water. This is opening up new places for Californian wakeboarders & wakeskaters to ride for this and future seasons. Even though the rain was depressing, California needed it desperately.  It not only replenished our lakes and reservoirs, the surrounding hills are now overgrown with deep green plants and vibrant wildflowers making a beautiful green backdrop to admire as you are lounging and riding in your boat. Hope to see all of you enjoying perks of the rain and snows this summer.  KK