“If Corey says it’s okay, then go ahead,” was basically the responsibility Eddie and Jacob Valdez’s mom placed on me for our KC/Missouri tour this past weekend to the Midwest Summerfest. Let this be a lesson to all parents that put me in control of your kids on a road trip: under my command we ran wide open for four days, 800 miles, one un-supervised trip to a fireworks super store, an indoor/gas-powered/50+ mile-an-hour go cart track, a cash pro/am, photo shoot and KC Watersports, twice. Under my supervision the kids lit enough fireworks to start WWIII (with no missing fingers) including while we were driving, played in a lightning storm, ate enough candy to make one of us barf and ran away with half the entire Midwest Summerfest purse. I’d have to say Robyn Valdez and Gordy Taylor have to be some of the raddest parents in the wake community. Not only did they put all of their trust in me to keep the kids safe but they let me be one of the kids at the same time. Look for the full Romper Room story in an upcoming issue of Alliance.