Over the weekend the Alliance Short Bus made its debut at KC Watersports. Do you know how into wakeboarding and wakeskating those guys are in KC? Air and water temps were both in the low 50’s and most of the KC guys were only rocking neo tops. As far they’re concerned it’s April, meaning that everyone should be riding no matter what the conditions. If you haven’t heard already, the Alliance Short Bus is a 90 foot long flat bar, so just getting down the entire rail is a triumph.
Being the sporting man that KC Watersports owner Mike Olson is, he put up $20 for the first person to make it all the way down the rail. Local hero Kyle Wohler was just the man for the job as he locked in and made it all the way down to the front door, no emergency exits needed. So high fives all around from the Alliance crew. Our office has its own bet going that none of us will even make it to the 50-foot mark. Not that we’re into betting or anything. – CM