Tree-hoppin’ in the backwoods of GA

Brandon Lee

Age: 22

Hometown: Jackson, Georgia

Alliance: What’s with all the Georgia boys who have been charging lately? Is Georgia the new Florida?

BL: I think it is (laughs). My brother (Brett Lee) and Rhett (Whatley) and I all live together, so that’s been helping out a lot. We live ten minutes from the lake and ride all the time. There are a lot of people starting to ride down here now, which is cool.

A: How bad is the drought situation in Georgia right now?

BL: Honestly, I think the whole drought thing is a lie ‘cause it’s been raining a bunch. Lake Altoona is only about seven feet down right now, which isn’t that bad. I think it has to do more with how the Marine Corps are controlling the water now. We’ve had lots of rain recently so it’s nice and muddy.

A: What’s your school situation these days?

BL: I’m in my fourth year at Kennesaw State and majoring in sports marketing.

A: Since you live with Rhett Whatley, now seems like a good time to get some things out in the open. What do you say about him behind his back?

BL: I guess Sideshow Bob comes to mind with his newly found dreads. And he’s an aspiring DJ, so I always wake up to him mixing stuff in the basement.

A: You can be found at the Gravity Research Compound rail park a lot. Do you prefer hitting rails over riding the wake?

BL: I don’t know, either of ‘em really. If I’m doing one for a few days I’ll get bored with it and want to do the other. But I guess you could say I’m a little more comfortable on rails. I got to ride behind the boat a lot more last summer though, and hopefully I’ll get to again this summer.

A: Are you going to try to ride the PWT this year?

BL: I’ll probably compete in Atlanta again and hopefully qualify. If I do I might do one or two stops. I’m not too into the whole contest/tour thing, though.

A: Are you considering moving south to Orlando to further pursue a career as a rider?

BL: I’ve considered it, but with Ambush and Buywake up here and school it makes sense for me to stay here. I’m the team manager for the Ambush team and I’ve got some time left in school. Who knows what I’ll do when I’m done though.

A: What’s your favorite video section ever?

BL: I’d have to say Keith Lyman and Benny G’s sections in “Butter Effect.”

A: If you could ride with any wakeboarder, past or present, whom would you ride with?

BL: I’ve always definitely looked up to Jeremy Kovak… (laughs)… No, I’d definitely say Byerly back in the day, especially after seeing that video of him on the Web riding that directional board behind the barefoot boat. (

A: Are peaches your favorite fruit?

BL: Actually, yes they are! (laughs). It’s a toss up between peaches and cherries, and I think I gotta go with peaches. Georgia pride right there.

A: If a hot girl in the boat asks you to do a raley, would you?

BL: Oh definitely, I love to do a Raley every now and then. It’s a good stress reliever. If I’m ever super frustrated with my riding I’ll just bust out a big Raley.

A: Give some thanks.

BL: God, my parents, CWB, Ambush/, Gravity Research Compound, Oakley, Krunk Energy Drink,, and my grandparents for getting me into wakeboarding – they got me out of motocross and into wakeboarding by buying a lake house and a boat.