Parks Bonifay has had a tough couple of weeks. He just returned home yesterday from the hospital, where he spent the last seven days getting FOUR knee surgeries. He didn’t even ask to have the four knee surgeries, they just gave them to him. Apparently, after P.B. got his knee scoped a few weeks back he wasn’t being a good boy and it got inflamed and infected, causing some major complications. The doctors had to clean it out four times just to make sure the infection was gone.
    The prognosis is looking good though, and Parks says he should be healthy for the beginning of the wakeboarding season in Florida. For now, he’s laying in the middle of his living room floor and recuperating, so if you know Parks, or know somebody that knows Park, then maybe sing him a song or send him some candy or do something nice for him. And be careful of infections boys and girls, they can ruin your day.