Jamie Lopina locking in
Orlando, FL is the central hub of wake and for good reason. There are plenty of lakes and it stays hot basically all year round. That’s a pretty solid combo when it comes to water sports so a new cable park opening up around Orlando is no surprise. Nona Adventure Park is central Florida’s newest cable park and not only is the facility top notch, they have more going on then just the cable. With an aqua park, a ropes course, snack bar/bistro, and a two tower cable along with the full size cable, Nona Adventure Park can keep anyone and everyone entertained. We cruised out there the other day with Jamie Lopina, Joe Battleday, and John Dreiling to check it out for ourselves and get a feel for the vibes. Not only is the staff super accommodating and helpful but the park is about as pristine as it gets. The full size has long straights to fit in plenty of rails and easy corners so beginners can learn at their own pace. With rails like John Dreiling’s signature Unit rail that can be hacked up in multiple ways, beginner friendly rails, a transfer box, kickers, and more on the way, the layout is nothing but a good time. The riders were cruising and coming up with new lines almost every lap. Joe was blowing minds with his tech kicker hits and big ollies onto the rails while Jamie and John were locking into plenty of sick presses. Needless to say, we got plenty of shots in a pretty quick time. Thanks for having us out Nona. You’ll definitely be seeing more of us in the future!
Photos: Mathis
Twisted up with John Dreiling
Joe Battleday can press
Corner cuts
Poke it John
Off the dock
Starting dock vibes
Hand dragging over your signature is pretty cool
Shooting the gap