The rumors you may or may not have heard are true, Nike has officially entered the wake market. But before you go off on a tirade about how it’s an evil corporation with slave labor and has no place in sure a pure activity as wakeskating, check it. Silas Thurman is leading up the marketing, which means he’s rocking the shoes as well as some of his friends like Colin Wright and Kyle Walton. But more importantly, he has a key to Nike’s super exclusive skateboard training facility in Portland, Ore. and he let me come skate once, so that’s cool. Speaking of Silas, he and other Liquid Force riders such as Steven Schoenhals, Kyle Walton and Phillip Basino recently traveled to Mexico on a Liquid Force wakeskate trip. Now I am not privy to all the details of this trip, but I did hear a rather amusing story about the wrath of Schnoodles. You may not know this, but Schnoods has some anger management issues when he wakeskates, and at one point on the trip he got so pissed that he took off his Nike’s and threw them into the water. Exhasperated, he exclaimed, “just leave them, I don’t even want them.” With Steve, everyone knows to leave well enough alone, even though it did seem somewhat ridiculous to leave a perfectly good pair of shoes floating in the Mexican water. And although he tried to ignore them, Kyle Walton finally succumbed and collected the shoes out of the water, since he and Schnoods are, after all, the same size. So Kyle Walton is the proud new owner of Steven’s old wakeskate shoes, bringing him up to three pairs of wakeskate shoes total. Isn’t being pro awesome?